Thursday, October 29, 2009

So here is a recap of the last few weeks. We finally settled down into a new ward and we are very excited that it is a family ward! As you can see in the pictures below we were so happy to have Dad come out for Mercedes's baby blessing. She looked so cute in the huge fluffy dress. Mercedes has also officially been to her first BYU football game, GO COUGARS! This week we decided to carve pumpkins and make Carmel apples for family night. They were so good and we finished just in time for me to put Mercedes down for bed and head out to work.

Here is the pumpkin that Josh carved while I made the apples. If you can't tell in the picture the pumpkin is a mummy.

THis is sme and Mercedes just before I am off to work.

Here is Josh showing off his handy work

This is Mercedes and Dad relaxing before game day.

This is Mercedes dressed up in her bee outfit just before we went to a party.

Mercedes has started to give a sneaky smile and this is a mild form of that smile.

We often like to nod off in the middle of the day.

Here is beautiful Mercedes in her blessing dress.

Mercedes now likes to put anything and everything in her mouth.

Mercedes and Grandpa

Happy girl

Mercedes loves to look at the camera. The only problem is that she stops smiling the second that we pull it out.

Four generations