Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're Back!

I know, you're all probably so sick of coming here and not seeing any updates that you have already given up. Good news! We're still alive and Thanksgiving is now over. Anyway, school has started up again. I will be my last semester at BYU. In April, I will graduate with a BA in English Language (NOT English) and a minor is Business Management. Brittney still has another year after this semester to finish up her nursing degree. We enjoyed our Christmas break in Atlanta. The day before we left it was a nice 64 degrees. We left some of the wintery weather behind us in GA, with snow falling this past week there. As far as law schools go, I have heard back from both of the schools that I applied to. I first heard from the University of Minnesota where I have been accepted. It is an excellent school in a great location and we are looking at the possibility of Brittney transferring to their nursing school. Yes, we are aware that it is very cold there, but have been impressed with the opportunities we would have there. The only other school I ended up applying to was BYU. I got an email from them this week that I could check my application status online by logging onto a web page. I logged on and the page had a part that said "Decision Rendered" with a "Congratulations" next to it. I assumed from that that I had been accepted, but just to make sure I sent them an email to verify. I got an email back verifying that I had been accepted and they resent an email that I apparently should have received on January 10. What was really interesting about the email is that it said I should expect to get a formal acceptance letter in the mail, along with my scholarship offer! I'm hoping that they didn't send me the wrong email and that I will actually be getting a scholarship offer, we'll have to wait and see. Anyway, I've gone on for a long time now. I will try to get some pictures up and make things a little more interesting. I would also encourage you to check out, a web page that my good friend Jonathan Beutler has created.