Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The "blizzard" of the decade

Many of you probably heard that Utah was supposed to get the blizzard of the decade last night. While they didn't forecast a lot of snow in the valley, the winds were going to be 50 mph. Afternoon school activities were canceled and many were let out early and because the storm was supposed to roll in at about 5pm, many businesses closed early. Brittney and I needed to run to the grocery store at about 3:30 to do some quick grocery shopping. Brittney's car was out of gas so we stopped to get some gas, the gas station was packed with cars filling up as well as people filling up gas cans. When we got to the store, it was worse than the Orem Wal-Mart on a Saturday night. No carts, no room in the aisles, incredibly long lines to check out. Exactly my idea of fun :)! Anyway, the storm finally rolled in and we survived. In fact, the storm was really weak. We got maybe 2" of snow and the winds were not even close to 50mph. There were some strong gusts, but it was not Armageddon like the news had made it out to be. The temperatures are cold, it was about 7 degrees this morning and it is about 19 right now. We decided to let Mercedes go out in the snow this morning. Her pants were way too big and her gloves were not warm enough. Let's just say her first experience wasn't exactly one to remember. As soon as she face planted it into the snow, she had had enough.