Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brittney's Birthday

Hi Everyone-

I recently talked to Astyn on the phone and she told me that I really needed to start blogging. So for all of you that don't know this is my very first entry. I am excited to finally try this out! Well just to catch up on what is happening in our life we have a baby girl coming in June which is really exciting. Yesterday was also my birthday so Josh got up early to make me breakfast. I then went and got a new hair cut and opened my presents ( also featured in my picture below). Josh bought me a pair of prego capris because it is going to be warming up soon and I felt like I needed a pair if I was going to last until June. We then went to see a play at Pioneer Theater called Dial M for Murder. It was really good and there is a surprise twist at the end!! For all of my family in Georgia I will be sure to add lots of prego pictures of yesterday so you can see how big I am getting. I would like to think that it is all baby but the would be lying haha. Josh and I would also like to say congrats to Shannyn and Caleb who just had their little baby Jane. She is so cute and definitely looks like a Weiler. I did not think that any Shaw baby could have that much hair or brown skin. I bet that if you were to compare Jane's legs to Papa Shaws you would see a stark contrast of color hahaha.

This is a close up!!

These are the beautiful flowers that Dad sent me for my birthday.

Here we are at the play!

Here I am opening my presents