Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting New Hobbies

So a few months ago we moved into a new ward and the RS asked me what some of my hobbies are. I realized that I don't have many hobbies so I took up painting. This is something that I have always wanted to do but I am not good at all. I told my sister Astyn that I would post pictures of my first two paintings. These are just Acrylic paints so it is really cheap top do. I did not know that you could use acrylic paints until I got on the internet and watched this clip of an artist who only uses acrylic paints. If you are looking for a new hobbies I highly recommend painting!

I made this one for Mercedes room.

This one looks really dark in the picture and I am not sure why?

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well we finally made it back home after 2 and a half weeks of vacation. This Christmas was full of family fun and we loved every minute of it. Our first week we spent in Florida with my family and the second we spent with the Trayner's on a cruise in the Caribbean. So here are a few highlights of each week.

As you can see we made a Crab on the beach in Mexico
It was really fun!

Here is Josh and Nate with the babies standing in front
of the Mayan ruins.

This is in Mexico and the Giant turtle that was supposed
to be in the picture swam away.

Here is proof that we all made it to the top of the
Mayan temple. The stairs are a lot steeper than they look.

Look how cute Mercedes looks Christmas Morning
with all the presents that Santa brought to the Shaw's.

This is on the beach in Honduras. As you can tell Mercedes
is very tired.

While we were on vacation Mercedes has become quite
the chatter box. She is constantly making noise now. Here she
is caught in the act.

Here we are on the bus going to the beach. as you can see
we were all excited to go!

We also discovered that Mercedes hair is very curly.
Once we got in the humidity it curled right up. This
picture is not the best but it gives you an idea.

This is my cute nephew Clark. He is all dressed
up for our anual Christmas pageant and he is looking
fabulous as a Shepard.

Eean played the part of the sheep while Emery was also a great shephard.
As you can see the twins made great angels!

Here we are standing in front of the big Christmas tree
in the middle of Sea World!

This clip was taken on formal night on the cruise. In the background there was
a crowd of older people that were just watching her. Every time she smiles you can
hear the crowd of Grandmas get all excited. Mercedes does not know
what to do with all the attention!