Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Travels

Brittney and I have been keeping pretty busy with school and work. As typical college students, our lives are pretty mundane. We have, however, been able to get out a little bit the past couple weeks and have a little bit of fun. Last weekend we headed to Drigss, ID (in between Rexburg and Jackson Hole) with my family. It was great because we were able to meet up with Nicole and even see her symphony. They did an excellent job and we were highly impressed. The family also decided to go on a little snowmobiling trip. I think it is safe to say that the snowmobile trip was more of a learning experience that anything else. If you want details on why that is the case, I will feel free to provide those. However, for the sake of my Mom, I must say that we did have an enjoyable time and it is always great to be with family. I guess the downfall of the trip is that Brittney seemed to catch the flu that has been going around and she still has not fully recovered (she is coughing as I type). Not only did she get the respiratory virus, but she also got the stomach flu at the same time. She got so bad during the week that she even missed her clinical on Wednesday and barely made it to her clinical on Thursday. By Friday she was starting to feel better and now she just has a lingering cough. Luckily for me, I have managed to remain healthy thus far.
This past Friday I flew out to Minneapolis to check out the law school. I was happy to go see the school for myself and meet some new people. Overall I would say the trip was a success and I thoroughly enjoyed my time out there. The insane part is that everyone was talking about 34 degree weather as if it were a heat wave. I guess, it's all according to your perspective, especially when it has been negative temperatures there for a while. I thought that everyone would get a kick out of a building I saw near my hotel. It had caught on fire and the water they used to put out the fire turned to ice. It was really cool.

While there I was also able to go to check out downtown Minneapolis and the Mall of America, the largest mall in the world. Downtown Minneapolis was really neat because of the sky bridges that have been constructed, connecting practically every high rise downtown. Because so many "pedestrians" walk through these bridges, the first two or three floors of every building are completely commercial space. They all form quite a complex maze and I'm surprised I didn't get lost while walking around. Unfortunately Brittney wasn't able to come out with me, but she had a great time staying home studying and babysitting!

(This picture was actually taken at the Minneapolis airport during Christmas when we had a three hour layover there)

Minneapolis sky bridges

These two pictures were taken at the Mall of America. It has an amusement park in the middle and retail stores going all around the park. Oh yea, it is also three stories high.