Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Adventures


Can you believe Mercedes is going to be 8 weeks old next week! Now that we are parents we have learned a thing or two. I would have to say that we have had our share of all-night parities but all in all we are alive and well. Luckily I worked the night shift up until Mercedes was born so it was not to bad for me but Josh had to quickly adapt. Well these last two months have been so fun for many reasons. We have officially moved out of married student housing and we should be closing on the townhouse sometime in the near future. Today was also Josh's first day of law school (go BYU) and he is really excited. We also have had so much fun watching and learning from Mercedes. I just love how babies think that everything is so interesting. It is so fun to just sit and watch them discover everything around them. This week Mercedes has started to smile in response to things that we do. I have tried to catch her smiling in the pictures below but our camera is delayed so some of them are only half smiles. Mercedes has also discovered that if she moves her lips and tongue just right that she can make spit bubbles. So most of the day is filled with eating, sleeping and making spit bubbles. Just look how much she has grown in the last two months!!


Discovering the Camera


Good Morning

Hanging out at Grandma's
Bed Head
Waking up
Hanging out at home
Deer in the headlights