Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a Nasty Bug

So yesterday was a very exciting day. I spent the entire day sleeping or kneeling over the porcelain princess. I think that I picked up the 24 hour flu from a patient at work and was lucky enough to bring it home with me. Luckily Sandy came and spent the entire day with Mercedes so I could sleep. A few hours after Sandy left however Mercedes started to throw up too. She woke up every 20 min last night until about 1. She finally slept and seems relatively happy this morning except for the explosive diarrhea. Well on a happier note Mercedes got to celebrate Christmas early this year. Steve and Sandy gave Mercedes her Christmas present on Thanksgiving because we will not be around on Christmas day. She got a jumper! It was so fun to help her open it but as you can see from the pictures she was just as excited about the bow as she was the jumper. I love that children are so easy to please!

Here she is enjoying such a bright and colorful bow!

The box was bigger than her so we just put her on top.

Look at this really girly pose.