Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Fun

This past summer has been so fun. We spent two and a half months in Georgia while Josh was working with the Georgia Court of Appeals. Luckily my parents let us bum with them. It was really fun to see my family and let Mercedes get to know them a little. We decided that if we had to drive to Georgia we might as well make it fun so we stopped and did things along the way. Too bad that Mercedes wont remember any of it. For those who don't know yet we are living in Josh's parents house while they are on a mission. We are all settled now and I think that the dog has adjusted to us.

Here are some fun pics of the last few months

Playing dress up! She is a natural diva.

The joy of spaghetti

Us at arches.

Fun at Nate and Megan's house.

Walking in Memphis.

Having fun with cousin Jane.

Every girl needs one of these.

Emery's third birthday. My sister made the cutest cake!

Mercedes first birthday. She shares a birthday with uncle Dallin so they each got an inchworm cake.

At the pool with cousins.

My brother Parkers high school graduation.

Looking cute in my suit.


Astyn said...

Oh Burt. I love all of the photos!!! And I am happy to see that we made your blog...I have never felt more famous. The second picture is such a cute one of Mercedes. And the worm cakes really turned out well...I wish I could have seen them in real life...and tasted them. Yummm. I wish someone in our house was having a birthday soon, I could really go for some birthday cake today.Maybe I will make some anyway- it has never stopped me before!
Much love. Keep updating the blog!

Sandy said...

Love the pictures! Mercedes and Jane look like twins!

Meg said...

ADORABLE!!! We miss you guys!